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jack-ryan-season-4 begins with Director Wright and Osuji aboard a charter plane in route to Lagos. The city is plagued by violence and chaos, believed to be instigated by Ikon Ame’s men—the warlord suspected of orchestrating the assassination of former President Udo. During their conversation, Osuji discloses that he hails from a small Nigerian village and tragically witnessed his father’s murder. Mormon missionaries played a crucial role in rebuilding his village and providing him with an education. Osuji holds President Oculi in high regard, perceiving him as someone who shares Udo’s vision of ensuring Nigeria’s security. He believes that Oculi is practical and open to the significance of their upcoming trip.

Confirming their suspicions, it is revealed that Chao was responsible for Miller’s death. Tuttle’s message to Chao serves as undeniable evidence, although the media incorrectly attributes Miller’s demise to suicide.

In Washington, Mike November arrives at Ryan’s residence. Chavez has gone off the radar. Ryan determines that locating Chao is paramount since all these events are interconnected. Their objective now is to find Chao and uncover the mastermind orchestrating everything. Meanwhile, Chavez acquires money and firearms from his uncle’s house in San Luis Obispo, California.

Sue Wai and Chao visit the docks to “inspect” an unexpected shipment labeled as “unscheduled.” To their horror, they discover that the shipment consists of trafficked girls destined for Myanmar. In Washington, Ryan meets with Bachler to discuss the unfolding situation. In order to concentrate on finding Miller’s contact, Ryan suggests stepping down from his position. He proposes Greer as his replacement, and Bachler agrees to accept Ryan’s resignation. Greer receives the call while watching his estranged son play rugby, and disappointment washes over his son’s face as he answers Bachler’s call.

Elizabeth was taken aback when she came face to face with President Oculi, only to be further shocked when Ame walked into the room. The two had been known as sworn enemies, but now they had come together with a common purpose—to uncover the truth behind Udo’s murder. Ame vehemently denied any involvement, and Elizabeth couldn’t help but wonder what had brought these former adversaries together.

In the interval, November successfully tracked down Chavez just as he was leaving, having noticed the distinctive church tattoo on his arm. Ryan arrived at the scene as well, adding to the tension and anticipation of the confrontation that was about to unfold.

In another part of town, Chao confided in his wife, Fei, revealing that their plans to escape had hit a roadblock due to the complications in Mexico. They needed to consolidate their position before making any moves. Unfortunately, Dr. Tun had become suspicious of Chao, making it too risky to put their family in danger at the moment.

Elizabeth assigns her new deputy, Greer, the task of tracing the phone call made from the burner phone used during Udo’s assassination. This leads the CIA to a place called Bidhu.

Greer heads to the Bidhu office, which serves as a host for various businesses. To reach any of these businesses, visitors must go through the reception area. Greer requests a list of all the current businesses operating within the organization. As he exits the office, Tuttle observes him and receives instructions from his boss to intimidate Greer and prevent him from further investigating.

The following day, Ryan and Chavez discuss the need to approach Chao in order to resolve the case. However, Chavez warns Ryan that the Triad is closely monitoring Chao’s activities, making it nearly impossible to reach him. To get Chao’s attention, Chavez proposes the idea of targeting and disrupting Chao’s business operations as a message.

In the interval, Zayra and Cathy meet over lunch to discuss a new development. Zayra expresses her desire to provide assistance to those suffering in the Palace Casinos in Myanmar, particularly the victims of human trafficking and the drug trade. She seeks Cathy’s help in collaborating with the World Health Organization (WHO) to aid these individuals. Cathy, recognizing the risks involved, agrees to take this bold step in order to strengthen her relationship with Zayra’s foundation.

Sue finally confronts Chao about his decision to leave the Triad, expressing concern and seeking clarification on his intentions. Sue warns Chao that if he goes through with his departure, Fei and Banno will remain loyal to sue and the Triad. Chao, understanding the potential consequences, suggests that sue accompany him in his departure. However, sue firmly rejects the idea, emphasizing his deep cultural identity and unwavering commitment to his roots within the Triad.

Feeling trapped and desperate, Chao unexpectedly resorts to violence and shoots sue, resulting in his tragic demise. Chao then presents Sue’s lifeless body to Dr. Tun, falsely accusing him of being the mole within the Triad.

In a parallel storyline, Chavez embarks on a journey to Yucatan and arranges a meeting with Officer Morales. In an effort to establish trust, Chavez provides him with monetary compensation and requests Morales’ assistance in reaching the port, where he intends to reunite with his cousin, Marin, the current head of the Marquez Cartel. Accompanying Chavez on this mission are November and Ryan.

Yet, their plans take an unexpected turn when the Federales launch a surprise raid on the port. As chaos ensues, Marin confronts Morales, unaware that Ryan has cleverly orchestrated a trap. Ryan cunningly tricks Marin into unwittingly participating in a photograph, providing concrete evidence of his involvement with the CIA.

Using this newfound leverage, November and Ryan strike a deal with Marin, offering to keep his connection with the CIA a secret in exchange for control over Chao’s marketplace, a valuable asset to the Triad.

The marketplace, located in Dubrovnik, Croatia, is overseen by Josip Olaf sky, an acquaintance of November. The convergence occurs when the Croatian operation connects with the Mexico port. Ryan confides in Elizabeth about their intention to disrupt this route. However, she cautions him that the CIA would be unable to assist them due to intense scrutiny at the agency’s highest levels.

Tuttle pays an unwelcome visit to Greer at his residence, delivering a stern warning. He urges Greer to cease his activities, emphasizing that failure to comply will result in his family bearing the consequences.

The Episode Review

In episode 3 of Jack Ryan, the series returns to its tried-and-true storytelling formula. Jack Ryan finds himself embarking on a thrilling cross-border mission that kicks off in Croatia. However, this time, he is joined by an exceptional supporting team consisting of Chavez and November. Meanwhile, Greer, acknowledging Ryan’s inclination for fieldwork, steps up to assume the role of deputy to Elizabeth. This progression in their dynamic seemed almost inevitable, given Ryan’s natural affinity for being on the ground.

Numerous underlying subplots simmer beneath the surface, offering creators ample opportunities to maintain a fresh narrative. However, there is also the challenge of balancing these forces to prevent the story from veering too heavily in one direction.

The intensity of Season 4’s zero-sum game reaches its peak as the final three episodes of the show unfold. Prepare yourself for a thrilling and turbulent ride! Buckle up and brace for impact!