Link Click – season 1 Episode 5

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Link Click – season 1 Episode 5  takes us on a journey through various time nodes. We begin with a segment featuring Lu Guan explaining the concept of time nodes. Followed by news coverage of an earthquake. The narrative then shifts back to the moment when Koshy becomes fixated on a particular date.

Despite his mother’s concern for his well-being, Chen Xiao rushes off to see Hongbin once again. Lu Guan cautions Koshy about the potential panic that would ensue. If he were to alert people about the earthquake, potentially worsening the situation.

Koshy reminisces about his mother singing him to sleep, or perhaps it is Chen Xiao’s memory. Anyway, he continues biking, determined to reach his friends.

Hongbin’s mother scolds him for his basketball obsession.In a state of panic, Koshy urges Hongbin to run away. But his urgency and message go unnoticed. He informs Hongbin that the basketball court will inevitably be demolish. Yet Hongbin refuses to acknowledge this.

Ultimately, Koshy directly warns about the impending earthquake. Advising the Lu family to seek safety with their father in the city. This sparks a heated argument between the Lu parents regarding their father. Koshy watches in horror as Lu Guan reminds him that he cannot save those. Who have already perished, and his actions may endanger survivors.

The neighbors contemplate the news of the earthquake, uncertain of its validity. When pressed, Chen Xiao fabricates an excuse, claiming he read about it in a magazine. And leading to laughter from everyone present.

Wildly, racing home and overwhelmed with frustration. Chen Xiao pleads with Lu Guang to allow him to save his mother. Shortly, Lu Guan agrees to guide him.

Chen Xiao informs his mother about the widespread discussions regarding the earthquake. Prompting her to hastily pack their belongings. At the time, Hongbin ponders whether the earthquake could actually happen.

As the earthquake nears Koshy. And Chen Xiao’s mother follow Lu Guan’s instructions, seeking shelter under a table. In a bid to keep her safe, Koshy promises to retrieve a forgotten camera. But just as he reaches for it, the earthquake strikes.

The Episode Review

Whether it’s the concept of time travel, the intense circumstances, or Koshy’s mental state. This job is taking a toll on him after completing three missions. It’s truly mind-boggling. This is precisely what elevates the appeal of this narrative – every action carries significant repercussions.

During the earthquake, Koshy had the opportunity to escape. Through the photograph, but for some reason. He couldn’t bring himself to do it. There was a moment when Koshy referred to Chen Xiao’s mother as “mother.” As if she were his own. Despite Lu Guan’s attempts to guide him, Koshy are consume by the persona of Chen Xiao. Lu Guan falsely claimed he could save her.

Although, what other choice did Koshy have? Each moment he remained in the photo. He was willingly subjecting himself to imminent danger.

By taking different actions. Equally delivering those messages, has Koshy significantly altered Chen Xiao’s life? It is reasonable to assume that expressing his thoughts. And reducing his regrets could potentially change one’s perspective. Even if the ultimate outcome cannot be influence. Closure holds a certain magical quality.

Moreover, for Koshy, the ability to develop the photos from the mission could serve as a reassurance. That he contributed something meaningful to the lives of his now departed friends.