Never Have I Ever Season 4 Review

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Never Have I Ever Season 4 Review release of the teen drama Never Have I Ever in 2020 captivated the NRI (Non-resident Indian) Community, who had left their homes in pursuit of the American dream. Now, as the four-season sitcom comes to a close, fans are left feeling fulfilled.

Season 4: Devi’s Journey to College:

Senior-year Challenges: Devi Vishwa Kumar, a highly intelligent student is on the cusp of graduating from high school and aspires to attend Princeton her dream college.

Navigating Relationships: Alongside a potential new romantic interest, Devi faces the twists and turns of life, growing alongside her friends as they transition into college life.

Reduced Conflict and Strengthened Familial Bonds:

College Applications and Uncertainty: While Devi grapples with the challenges of college applications and the uncertainty of admission to an Ivy League institution. Her familial relationships experience fewer issues.

Nalini’s Acceptance and Support: Devi’s mother, Nalini, displays greater acceptance of Devi’s chosen path and provides unwavering support.

Unnecessary Turmoil Among Friends:

Miscommunication and Contrived Drama: Devi and Fabiola’s aspirations to attend Princeton University lead to miscommunication. And contrived drama within their circle of friends.

Definitive Resolutions and Personal Reactions: The season concludes with a definitive resolution regarding Devi’s romantic interests, eliciting different reactions from viewers.

Development of Adult Characters:

Nalini’s Symbolic Act: Nalini’s symbolic act of removing her thali offers a heartwarming sense of closure, symbolizing her moving on.

Nostalgic Behind-the-Scenes Moment: The show recreates a nostalgic behind-the-scenes moment, reminiscent of Never Have I Evers’s early days.

Redemption and Celebration of Representation:

All Characters Experience Redemption: While some argue the ending leans towards being “too happy. All characters experience some form of redemption by the conclusion.

Mindy Kaling’s Remarkable Contribution: Mindy Kaling’s remarkable contribution to the series empowers young women. And celebrates the cultural richness of India.

Potential Spin-off: Exploring Kamala’s Women in STEM Storyline: A spin-off centered around Kamala’s professional life in Baltimore could further celebrate diversity and representation.


Never Have I Ever has become a significant breakthrough for Indian teens longing for representation in American TV shows. Mindy Kaling’s series empowers and celebrates cultural diversity. As fans, we can fully immerse ourselves in the existing 40 episodes, savoring every moment of this exhilarating journey.