Oh Youngsim-K-drama Episode 10

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For the Sake of Our Shameful Past

Oh Youngsim-K-drama Episode 10 picks up following the unexpected kiss between Pyeongtaek and Young-sim. Intrigued by the kiss, Young-sim questions why Pyeongtaek never bid her farewell all those years ago. He confesses that when he saw someone else wearing the headphones, he had gifted her. It stirred feelings of intense jealousy.

Expressing her own insecurities, Young-sim admits to purposely irritating him, seeking reassurance of his continued affection. She pleads for a favor, desiring genuine honesty in their emotions. And takes his hand, initiating another heartfelt kiss.

What is going on between Kyeong-tae and Wol-sook?

The following day, a gathering ensues to deliberate Minji and Woo-Chan’s upcoming rendezvous. Jang-Hwan. Yet, observes a conspicuous love mark on Pyeongtaek’s neck. Sensing the sudden discomfort, Kyeong-tae hastily departs. And an awkward silence falls upon the group as their curious colleagues inquire about the love bite. Later on, one of Young-sim’s coworkers shares a news article revealing Pyeongtaek’s involvement with Wol-sook.

Filled with unabated joy, Kyeong-tae jubilantly dances towards his car. Where he is scheduled to meet Young-sim. Seated in the vehicle, Young-sim expresses her suspicion that Wol-sook may have instigated the dating rumors. She implores Kyeong-tae not to be bothered by the situation, planting a tender kiss on his cheek before parting ways.

Soon after, Kyeong-tae receives a text message from Wol-sook, seeking assistance for her YouTube channel. In response, he invites her over to his residence. As they share a meal, Wol-sook subtly hints at her romantic interest in him. Kyeong-tae, however, clarifies his preference for someone who is his polar opposite. He asserts, “You may be mistaking your competitiveness for genuine affection towards me,” effectively extinguishing her flirtatious advances.

Do Kyeong-tae and Young-sim break up?

Kyeong-tae arrives at the office building and inadvertently eavesdrops on a conversation between Young-sim and Sang-eon. Young-sim questions why she is reluctant to pursue a romantic relationship with Kyong-ta. To which she responds that he doesn’t fit her ideal type. Sang-eon proposes the idea of setting up Wol-sook with Kyeong-tae instead. After some hesitation, Young-sim agrees, feigning enthusiasm for the plan.

Once Sang-eon departs, Kyeong-tae confronts Young-sim, suggesting that she prioritizes her job over their relationship. He is met with accusations of immaturity, leading to a heated argument before Kyeong-tae eventually walks away. He retrieves his belongings from Young-sim’s house, and Soon-sim hands him a flight ticket for the next day. Upon reaching home, Young-sim attempts to call Kyeong-tae, but he doesn’t answer and instead texts her, stating, “Let’s put an end to this.”

Feeling distressed, Young-sim goes out for a drink and vents her frustrations about Kyeong-tae loudly in the restaurant. Wol-sook encounters her and reveals that Kyeong-tae had been infatuated with Young-sim, evident from a floor cleaner he had named “Young Simi.” The two women find solace in each other’s company, sharing tears and drinks.

The subsequent day, Woo-Chan asks Minji to contact Young-sim, as Kyeong-tae left him a message stating that he was leaving and advised Woo-Chan to find another girlfriend. Minji urgently texts Young-sim, requesting her presence at the airport. Young-sim rushes to the airport and is taken aback when she sees Kyeong-tae.

Meanwhile, Minji and Woo-Chan observe the scene from a distance. When Minji questions Woo-Chan’s motivation for helping them, he cryptically mentions receiving a clue from a teddy bear.

Filled with anger, Young-sim throws her bag at Kyeong-tae, branding him a coward and vowing to pursue him relentlessly, even if it means going to hell. They engage in a final argument before Kyeong-tae walks away, leaving Young-sim devastated on the floor.

Does Kyeong-tae ever return?

Two months have passed, and Chae-dong has successfully launched “Lust Island,” an R-rated dating show featuring himself as the star. His achievement garners admiration from Wol-sook, and they embark on a romantic relationship. Notably, Chae-dong’s show surpasses “Love Mark” in terms of viewer ratings, prompting the chief to approach Young-sim with a request to boost her show’s ratings.

On her way home, Young-sim catches a familiar voice—Pyeongtaek’s. She turns around to find him standing there, wearing glasses and dressed in affordable attire. Initially startled, she attempts to flee, but he pursues her and holds her hand. Overwhelmed with emotion, tears streaming down her face, she expresses her determination to chase after him relentlessly should he ever vanish without a word again, even to the farthest corners of the earth.

How does it end for Kyeong-tae and Young-sim?

Young-sim invites Kyeong-tae into her home, where he reveals the unfortunate situation of his bankrupt and homeless state due to issues at his company. Seeking acceptance, Kyeong-tae asks Young-sim’s father if he would welcome a destitute individual. However, her father defers the decision to Young-sim. She responds by expressing her willingness to accept him as her father’s son-in-law on the condition that he remains present in their lives and stands by her side consistently.

Together, Ji-you and Young-sim’s father collaborate on creating a YouTube cartoon portraying Young-sim and Kyeong-tae during their adolescence, which gains significant traction with viewers. The Oh family enthusiastically discusses their future success. Additionally, Young-sim receives news from Chief that she will be producing the second season of “Love Mark,” much to her delight.

The episode concludes with the Oh family testing Pyeongtaek’s innovative creation, the Young Simi vacuum. Initially unresponsive to the family’s commands, it springs to action when Kyeong-tae gazes at Young-sim and professes, “Young Simi, I love you.”

The Episode Review

Instead of a seamless conclusion that ties up loose ends, the episode meanders until its final moments. This finale is brimming with trivial romantic conflicts, with excessive focus on Young-sim and Kyeong-tae, leaving Minji and Woo-Chan neglected. Although there is a faint glimmer of hope for them, the ending of this show lacks complete satisfaction without a resolution for their storyline.

Furthermore, Young-sim remains unaware of the true reason behind Pyeongtaek’s initial breakup, and his decision to disregard the overheard conversation is left ambiguously unexpressed.