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Episode 3

The Surrogacy Season Episode 3 Recap & Review of Yeni pays a heartfelt visit to her late father at the hospital. Where she witnesses his severe injuries and feels a profound sense of grief

As Yeni prepares to leave the hospital, Marcella and her legal representative unexpectedly arrive. Marcella takes the opportunity to address the misunderstandings Yeni has about her. Yet Yeni remains skeptical due to Marcella’s questionable reputation. However, Marcella proceeds to explain how. She faithfully followed Nora’s instructions and provided her with abortion pills.

Reflecting on her journey, Yeni finds herself on her way to a hotel, reminiscing about the past. We catch a glimpse of the moments shared between Yeni and Carlos on a yacht. Revealing a deepening bond and a sense of vulnerability between them.

Julia confronts Carlos regarding his concern for Yeni. As she has valid reasons to be skeptical about his intentions. However, Carlos staunchly defends his strong desire to meet Yeni. Eventually, Carlos notices a birthmark on his daughter’s stomach, resembling Yeni’s.

A call from Yeni informs Carlos that their son is alive and in her custody. She shares her address with him, but on her way. She is stopped by an officer who questions the discrepancy in the baby’s skin color compared to Yeni’s. Meanwhile, Carlos faces obstacles in reaching Yeni’s location as his mother and wife oppose the meeting. Consequently, Yeni is taken to the police station by the officer.

Yeni manages to contact Marcella from the police station and blackmails her into arranging her release. Once freed, Yeni attends her father’s funeral.

During the funeral, Yeni reminisces about the last time she saw her father. Meanwhile, Carlos attempts to discuss the identity of Yeni’s father’s killer. And the potential attacker of Irene with his sister,Fernando. However, Fernando claims ignorance and states that even if she knew, she wouldn’t disclose the information to him.

Julia makes an effort to care for the newborn baby, but the infant continuously cries. The doctor then informs Julia and Carlos that the baby yearns for Yeni’s presence. Julia, feeling upset, opposes the idea of having the baby around Yeni.

The Episode Review

The show’s format seems to be garnering more attention than the plot’s concept. Moreover, it can be quite exasperating to endure an episode where a simple plot point unnecessarily prolongs.