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Episode 4

The Surrogacy – Season 1 Episode 4 of The Surrogacy commences with Julia’s unexpected sighting of Hugo and Yeni together. Intrigued by their connection, she unintentionally conveys a sense of judgment towards Yeni. Hugo confronts Julia about her change in attitude, highlighting her transformation. In response, Julia defends herself by offering a few justifications.

Meanwhile, Nora extends an invitation to Marcela, urging her to visit her residence. Seizing an opportunity, Nora blackmails Marcela, aware of her presence at Irene’s house. During her untimely demise. Capitalizing on this leverage, Nora solicits Marcela’s assistance in her plans and proposes a joint meeting with Yeni.

Subsequently, Yeni arrives to meet Julia, but Nora enters the scene accompanied by Marcela. Nora guides Julia and Marcela to a separate room to care for the newborn girl. Seizing the moment, Nora enlightens Yeni about the contractual loopholes. She unknowingly signed, leading Yeni to relinquish custody of her grandson, whom she then hands over to Yeni. In a turn of events, Yeni also resorts to blackmailing Julia, coercing her into abandoning her own son.

Sonia contacts Carlos to inform him about the situation. Yet before he arrives, Yeni departs with her son. Following Nora’s instructions, Marcela then deceives Carlos, leaving him doubtful.

Upon Sonia and her mother’s arrival at the hotel. They attempt to persuade Yeni that taking care of the newborn baby is not her responsibility. After some time, Yeni confides in Sonia, revealing that she has fallen in love with Carlos. And even had a sexual encounter with him.

Marcela informs Roberto that the newborn children most likely belong to Yeni. She expresses her desire to assist Yeni, but Yeni remains distrustful. Consequently, Roberto agrees to help in order to alleviate her concerns.

In the past, Baloo deliberately pushed Mubi towards Lucia’s moving car. In an effort to deliver the insurance money for her father’s tragic demise, Francisco tries to contact Yeni. However, Yeni suspects foul play in her father’s death and is aware of Baloo’s involvement in Mubi’s murder. As a result, she refuses to accept Francisco’s money.

Upon his arrival home, Carlos expresses his sincere apologies to Julia. In response, Julia impulsively delivers a swift slap, marking the conclusion of this incident.

The Episode Review

The series strives to captivate viewers through the skillful utilization of captivating plot twists and suspenseful moments. However, the excessive inclusion of unnecessary dramatic elements bears. A resemblance to typical soap operas. Consequently, the show’s credibility is undermined due to the absurdly exaggerated level of drama it presents.

At this juncture, it becomes challenging to sympathize with or support the main character. Yeni willingly engages in a physical relationship with Carlos, fully aware of his marital status. Furthermore, she even encourages him to continue despite his initial hesitation to do so.