Through My Window: Across The Sea

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Through My Window: Across The Sea Plot Summary

Through My Window: Across The Sea  Ending Explained After Ares decides to move to Stockholm to pursue his chosen career in medicine, he becomes engrossed in his studies. And finds it challenging to balance his academic responsibilities with maintaining a long-distance relationship with Raquel. Uniformly, Raquel struggles to focus on her college coursework and normal life. As she constantly communicates with Ares through texting, sexting, and phone calls.

Exhausted and dissatisfied with the distance between them, Ares makes the decision to return to Barcelona for the summer in order to be reunited with Raquel. Yet, their plans for quality time together are often disrupted by the presence of their friends. Yoshi and Daniela, leaving little room for intimate moments.

For now, Ares’ older brother Artemis engages in a secret romantic relationship with Claudia, a maid employed by the Hidalgo family. But chooses not to disclose this to their family. On the other hand, Apollo indulges in his sexual fantasies by pursuing casual encounters. At the numerous summer pool parties held at the Hidalgo House.

What happens on Vera’s yacht?

The entire group, including the Hidalgo family, Claudia, and their friends, embarked on a sea voyage aboard the family yacht. yet, Ares and Raquel decided to venture away from the Hidalgo yacht and swim across the sea to the opposite shore. Where they found a secluded spot to express their love for each other. As they made their way back to the boat, they unexpectedly encountered Ares’ friend, Vera.

Vera recognized Ares from their college days and warmly invited the couple to her boat. That evening, the young group gathered for dinner. During which Vera expressed her doubts about Ares’ character, leaving Raquel feeling uneasy about their past in college.

For now, Yoshi informed Ares that Raquel was about to publish her first novel, leaving Ares astonish. That she had kept this accomplishment a secret from him. Vera, seeking an opportunity to engage Raquel in conversation, spoke with her privately. About the novel, away from the rest of the group. During their conversation, Raquel disclosed her personal connection to writing, mentioning her father. Who had once been an esteemed author.

Who is Anna? How does she help Yoshi?

The group decided to head to a nearby club for a night of partying. Inside, Yoshi excused himself and entered the men’s room. Sadly, he encountered a group of troublemakers who attempted to bully him. Just as things were getting heated, Anna, a waitress at the club, came to Yoshi’s rescue. She swiftly tackled the guy who was trying to intimidate Yoshi and demanded to know about his ring.

For now, Daniela confided in Raquel, expressing her doubts about the true nature of Vera and Ares’ friendship. Yet, Raquel remained steadfast in her belief that Vera and Ares were simply good friends.

Later that evening, Ares approached Raquel and began asking probing questions about Vera. At the same time, Daniela sent a photo to Raquel, revealing Vera wearing Ares’ shirt. The sight of their closeness made it increasingly difficult for Raquel to convince herself that they were just friends. And she struggled to trust Ares completely.

What does Gregory tell Raquel about Ares?

Yoshi and Raquel reunited with the rest of the group at the shoreline, where Anna appeared alongside her brother, Gregory. It turned out that Gregory was not only Raquel’s classmate. But also, someone who had previously asked her out on a few occasions. Assuming that Ares and Vera were a couple, Gregory was proven wrong. When Raquel planted a kiss on Ares by the water’s edge. Yet, Ares disregarded Raquel’s invitation to join her for a swim and instead engaged in a conversation. With Vera, leaving Raquel feeling betrayed.

Taking advantage of the moment, Gregory approached Raquel and revealed how Ares had easily moved on from a girl. Whom he had dated for a mere two weeks. Meanwhile, Anna attempted to engage Yoshi in conversation, but he intentionally avoided her. Because he was still harboring feelings for Raquel. With Claudia’s absence from work, Artemis set out to find her. To his dismay, he stumbled upon Claudia warmly embracing and chatting with another guy. Which ignited a spark of rage within him

What happens during the Truth or Kiss game?

After regrouping on the boat, Raquel suggests playing a game of truth or kiss. Tensions rise as the game progresses, and unexpectedly. Yoshi and Anna find themselves passionately making out, leading to a spontaneous hookup. Yet, their intimate moment comes to an abrupt halt when Yoshi accidentally calls out Raquel’s name.

Meanwhile, Claudia, determined to regain her composure, returns to her duties. Seething with anger, Artemis spitefully orders Claudia to clean the stairs as punishment. As their frustration mounts, Mrs. Hidalgo and Claudia engage in a heated argument, which ultimately escalates to the point. Where Artemis decides to terminate Claudia’s employment.

Simultaneously, Raquel convinces Daniela to approach Ares and inquire about Vera wearing his shirt. Ares claims ignorance regarding how Vera obtained it. Seeking closure, Raquel directly questions Vera about her involvement with Ares, but Vera stubbornly refuses to provide a response. Confirming Raquel’s suspicions of their affair. Yoshi, sensing Raquel’s distress, steps in to uplift her spirits. While Ares endeavors to clarify the situation with Raquel.

Do Ares and Raquel break up?

Ares confesses that after a night of heavy drinking, he woke up in bed with Vera. He admits that he doesn’t remember having sex with her, but when Raquel finds out. She immediately starts packing her belongings from Ares’ room. Feeling betrayed, Ares accuses Raquel of hiding their relationship from Gregory.

Ares explains that his grades were slipping, and Vera had been a source of support for him. During that time, which adds to Raquel’s pain. Meanwhile, Artemis longs for Claudia’s presence, while Anna invites Yoshi to join her at the lighthouse later that night. However, Yoshi informs her that he already has plans to attend a party, which angers Anna. She wonders how many potential partners Yoshi has turned down. Because he is still emotionally attached to Raquel.

What happens to Yoshi at the party?

The group consisting of everyone except Ares, Vera, and Anna attends a party, where Raquel, Daniela, and Yoshi are all dancing as singles. Yoshi holds onto hope for a chance with Raquel, but she ditches him to hook up with Gregory, another attendee at the party. Meanwhile, Daniela suggests to Apollo that they engage in a threesome with someone present at the party.

Apollo selects a guy for their escapade, and the three of them engage in a hookup. Meanwhile, Artemis pays a visit to Claudia at her apartment. Seeking revenge, Claudia insists that Artemis clean the floor, but the situation quickly turns into a passionate encounter between them. Artemis promises to disclose their relationship to their family.

Meanwhile, Ares and Vera spend time together and engage in a conversation about the game. They contemplate hooking up but are interrupted by Ares and Raquel before anything can happen.

Yoshi, in a daring move, steals the keys to another partygoer’s bike. His plan is to sneak out of the party and head towards the lighthouse. However, in his attempt to escape, Yoshi crashes into a line of parked bikes, causing damage to an electric pole. The accident results in a power outage in the entire area, prompting everyone to gather outside. Fearing the consequences, Yoshi speeds towards the lighthouse on the stolen bike. Unfortunately, in the midst of being chased, Yoshi drives the bike off a cliff, resulting in a catastrophic accident.

Does Yoshi die?

Ares piloted his motorboat in search of Yoshi, his heart pounding with anxiety. As he pulled Yoshi’s lifeless body from the water, grief washed over him. Raquel, hearing the news, raced to the shore, her eyes welling up with tears. As Ares shared the tragic news of Yoshi’s demise.

The day of Yoshi’s funeral arrived, shrouded in sorrow. Raquel, overwhelmed by grief, could no longer contain her emotions. When she saw Yoshi’s body dressed in black, a color he despised, anguish consumed her. In her sorrow, she directed her anger towards Ares, blaming him for not being a capable doctor who could have saved Yoshi’s life.

Ares, devastated and burdened by guilt, tried to explain. That his preoccupation with texting Raquel throughout the year had hindered his abilities. However, this confession only fueled their growing rift, and the decision to part ways for good became inevitable. Raquel spent the remainder of the day, her heart heavy with loss, delivering a heartfelt eulogy for her dear departed friend.

In her poignant tribute, Raquel inadvertently referred to Ares as a temporary presence in Yoshi’s life, unknowingly inflicting fresh wounds upon him. The weight of those words compelled Ares to leave, seeking solace elsewhere. As Yoshi’s friends and family bid their final farewells, Raquel and Anna remained behind. The last to pay their respects to their beloved friend.

What happens at the end of Through My Window: Across The Sea?

Ares found his way back to Stockholm and eagerly immersed himself in his studies. Meanwhile, Raquel received a surprising email from her publisher, revealing an unexpected twist. It turned out that Yoshi, before his untimely demise, had sent her manuscript, titled “Through My Window,” to the publisher without her knowledge. The news sent a wave of mixed emotions through Raquel’s being.

As the movie reached its climax, Raquel’s novel, “Through My Window,” received unanimous approval from the publisher. It was a triumph that Raquel could hardly believe. However, this newfound success came with a bittersweet revelation. Raquel, feeling a deep sense of closure, decided to shut her window for good, symbolizing the end of a chapter in her life.

With her heart still mending from the loss of Yoshi, Raquel made a difficult choice. She refused to meet Gregory, who had been patiently waiting to see her. Raquel needed time to heal and find herself once again before considering any new relationships.

As the sequel to “Through My Window” unfolded, the story left audiences eagerly anticipating what would come next. The ending left them on the edge of their seats, with a tantalizing “To Be Continued” note, promising more riveting chapters to follow.

In this rewritten version, Ares returns to Stockholm, Raquel receives surprising news about her manuscript, her novel gets approved, she closes her window for good, and decides not to meet Gregory. The sequel ends with an intriguing “To Be Continued” note, leaving audiences hungry for more.