Numbers K-drama Episode 6 Preview

Numbers K-drama Episode 6 Preview

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Numbers Season 1 Episode 6

Numbers K-drama Episode 6 is a gripping K-drama produced by MBC that centers around Jang Ho Woo. A brilliant individual working at Tail Accounting Firm. With an exceptional memory and keen observation skills, Ho Woo possesses an innate aptitude for numbers. These remarkable abilities earn him the distinction of being the firm’s first hire without a college degree.

Yet, Ho Woo quickly finds himself entangled in a complex network of corruption and injustice within the company. Now, he is faced with the daunting task of unraveling the deep-rooted misconduct. Those plagues one of the nation’s most esteemed accounting firms.

Where Can I Watch Numbers?

“Numbers” is an MBC original series scheduled to be broadcasted every Friday and Saturday on the MBC channel in Korea. International viewers will be able to stream the show on Viki at a later time. Yet, please note that the subtitles may take some time to be uploaded on Viki. Typically, it can take up to 24 hours after the release date for subtitles to become available.

Numbers Episode 6 Release Date

Episode 6 of Numbers is scheduled to premiere on Saturday, July 8th, at 9:50 pm KST, 4:50 am PT, 7:50 am ET, and 3:50 pm GMT. The duration of the episode is expected to be approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes. Aligning with the typical length of previous episodes in the series.

How Many Episodes Will Numbers Season 1 Have?

The first season of “Numbers” is set to consist of 12 episodes, which will be released at a rate of two episodes per week. New episodes will be available every Friday and Saturday. With the release of this episode, there are only 6 more episodes remaining until the series concludes on July 29th.

Is There A Trailer For Numbers?

Yes, there is.  It looks like we are in for some light moments, action and a dose of mystery. Check out the trailer below:

What Happened In Episode 5?

We have provided a comprehensive recap of the entire episode, delving into all significant plot points and offering an accompanying review. You can access the recap by clicking on the link below.

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