Tokyo in April Is… – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Tokyo in April Is… – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3

Tokyo A young Kazuma was struck by the stark contrast between his shining friend Ren and the less-than-appealing, musty love hotel. The sight of it brought him to tears. As it became his last memory of Ren before his hospitalization. First, Kazuma was struck down with pneumonia. And then meningitis, leaving him unconscious for an entire month. During that time, Ren had disappeared from his life.

In the present day, Kazuma and Ren found themselves lying in bed together. Kazuma held Ren tightly, expressing how much he had missed him. Ren responded with a silent hug, although it lacked the same enthusiasm.

The following morning, as Kazuma prepared breakfast. He mustered up the courage to talk about their relationship then and now. He wanted to understand where they stood. Yet, to his surprise, Ren brushed off their previous night as merely a “friends with benefits” situation. Expecting it to be the end of their encounter. Kazuma hesitated for a moment, taken aback by Ren’s words. But then surprisingly agreed to continue on those terms.

For an entire month, the group of old friends continued their routine of working together during the day and sleeping together at night. Yet, there were certain rules established by Ren: no lights during their encounters, Ren would never reveal his face or voice. And they were not allowed to have sleepovers. Kazuma found himself contemplating whether their arrangement could be considered a typical friends-with-benefits scenario.

During this time, Ren had a meeting with a former colleague who warned him about the Head of HR, Sinada, claiming .That he was the reason for his departure from the company. The colleague also mentioned that the President would never support Ren. Ren, being astute, could sense the gravity of the situation but chose not to share it with Kazuma.

Instead, Ren invited Kazuma to his place for their usual activities. Yet, when Kazuma suggested they take a shower together, Ren became visibly startled. Luckily for him, their plans were interrupted by a work crisis. It turned out that their celebrity endorser had been caught using drugs. As a result, the following day, the team focused their efforts on resolving the advertising crisis that had arisen.

Ren, in his characteristic fashion, devised a plan that would both save the client and satisfy their needs.

Concerned about Ren, Kazuma brings dinner to the office and stays late to offer support. Kazuma hopes that Ren will start relying on others instead of hiding any signs of weakness. Once work is done, they head over to Kazuma’s place. Despite being exhausted, Ren is still eager for a round of whatever activity they have in mind.

The Episode Review

Last week, we pondered the possibility of the characters taking their relationship to the next level. Yet, with the airing of episode 3 of Tokyo In April Is…, a new question arises: Is Ren using Kazuma or simply apprehensive about expressing his true feelings? When a character possesses a cool demeanor, it often becomes a captivating puzzle to unravel. Who is more infatuated with the other and who is still clinging to the past.

Ren chooses not to inform Kazuma about the warning concerning Sinada, not because he wants to avoid worrying him. But rather due to his inclination to shield Kazuma from potential harm. Ren has demonstrated a willingness to put himself at risk to protect Kazuma. In the past and would likely continue to do so if the situation demanded it. Yet, Ren’s motives might align more closely with the President’s perspective, as he may be cautious about becoming too deeply involved. And potentially jeopardizing his own interests.

The clear boundary that exists between their professional and personal relationship poses implications for their friendship. Despite their sexual involvement, both parties seem relatively nonchalant, as if Ren could easily withdraw at any moment. Leaving Kazuma to deal with the consequences alone. This dynamic suggests a certain level of detachment and raises questions about the stability and longevity of their bond.